If you want to increase your sales, get more profitable projects, build an effective business development organization, sell product to abroad, make a difference according to your competitors, develop your new products in accordance with the market and customer needs and make more effective sales, this training is just for you.

In this training, the necessary tactics will be explained to companies to get more business, increase their profits, correct pricing strategies, reduce business development costs, and develop new products and concepts according to customer needs.

Training Content:

  • Business Development and Processes
      • What is Business Development, Marketing and Sales?
      • Strategic Business Development
      • Customer Relations Management and Negotiations
      • Marketing in defense
      • Long term positioning
      • Market penetration
      • Processes of Business Development
        • Marketing, Long term positioning, Opportunity Identification
        • Nurture your leads
        • Partnerships and Management of partnerships
        • Understanding your customer
        • Managing the customer perception
      • Capture management
        • What does it mean?
        • Identify the competitors
        • Value proposition
        • Identify roles and responsibilities
      • Proposal Management
        • Summary of the process
        • Kick off meeting
        • Pricing and prepare best proposal
      • Account Management