This training is for you if you want to increase your company's motivation and company loyalty by
becoming familiar
with the Defense Industry, dynamics, terminology, history, and players of your new
or experienced staff,and
to increase the value and reputation of your company by professionalizing the
behavior of your staff
in the industry (protocol, privacy, customer relations).

  • Turkish Defense Industry introduction and history

    • Defense Industry by Numbers

    • National and Domestic Industry

    • Defense Industry Terms and Institutions

  • Defense industry projects

    • Common Features

    • Critical and New Technologies

    • Customer Management

    • Defense Industry Processes

    • Working With Subcontractors and Business Partners (Collaborative Culture and Working as a Group)
  • Things to know in a defense industry company

    • Ethical Rules

    • Self Values

    • What is Mission and Vision ? Why Should You Know ?

  • Issues to be considered in the sector

    • Privacy and Information Privacy

    • Customer Sensivity

    • Responsibilities

  • Rules of conduct in the industry and protocol

  • Competencies expected from employees in the defense industry

    • Team Work

    • Problem Solving

    • The Right Intervention at The Right Time